Nailstrip - Zinc

Nailstrip is a no hassle profile that suits contemporary architecture and complements any building; Zinc creates freedom of expression in the design process.

Nailstrip is suited to contemporary architecture if applied sympathetically and will complement any building. This profile is flexible and works well in a wide variety of building applications. Its clip-less design saves labour and money and is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Nailstrip shares aesthetics with standing seam such as sharp, defined profile edges and an easy, straightforward installation. It is suitable for both roof and wall cladding and can be installed in varying orientations; e.g. horizontal, vertical, diagonal. No clips are required to install Nailstrip thus achieving and architectural façade without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Some of its advantages include:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • No visible fixings Allows for building breathability
  • Contemporary take on traditional seam systems
  • Allows for material expansion and contraction
  • Can combine fixed panel widths or different widths to create patterns
  • Ability to splay or taper panels

Zinc is a great material for both the environment and the longevity of a building. It is very malleable, meeting basically every architectural demand and has been used by architects for over 160 years. Zinc provides solutions that less flexible materials cannot, creating freedom of expression in designing the roof and cladding of a building. Due to its flexibility, Zinc allows for interesting corners and angles in a variety of shapes. In terms of its environmental impact, Zinc is non-toxic, durable, 100% recyclable and requires less energy to make than any other material.


Please contact Design Cladding Systems for detailed installation advice specific to your project.

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